Dance Until It Rains

Dance Until it Rains
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Anthropologists, meteorologists, and other scientists took note of this seeming phenomenon—which links the desires and actions of a people to a physical change in their environment—some time ago. Researchers came to the village in teams to study what was occurring.

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Think of all the dreamers who were told that it would be impossible to create what they wanted:. For The Wright Brothers, it was the belief that they could create a sky filled with heavier-than-air flying machines. For Nelson Mandela, it was the belief that there would someday be a multi-racial, democratic South Africa. Blog Single. Think of all the dreamers who were told that it would be impossible to create what they wanted: For Christopher Columbus, it was the belief that he could sail due West to reach the Far East. May 30, at am. Some would dance for minutes but stop with no success.

Others would dance for hours until their feet blistered and give up. Some tribes would even dance for days on end but give in to their aching backs and the ridicule from neighbouring tribes.

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They would all give up disheartened and just as dry as when they started. A decision was finally made to track down this legendary tribe and find the secret to their success. So the chiefs from all the tribes took off in search of this one tribe. When they found the tribe, they sat at the feet of its chief and pleaded; "Oh great chief, we have tried to make it rain, we are suffering, we need your help. How can you make it rain? What is your secret? I n my life I have missed many opportunities to create amazing outcomes because I didn't understand the power of persistance and perserverance.

Is it a lack of ability? Is it a lack of knowledge or access to knowledge?

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Is it lack of eductaion? Is it a lack of resources, lack of family support, the weather or any of the other plethora of reasons that we use to justify our lack of results? NO, it is one thing and one thing only - it is because we give up too soon!

When you begin something there are two possible outcomes; success or quit! If I could pass on one idea to you that you could take away and apply to every one of your endeavours in life, it would be to 'Dance Until It Rains'. Stop making excuses why you can never achieve the things you want - there will never be that perfect time you are waiting for.

Decide what you want, focus on it w ith all your heart and keep going UNTIL you get the results you want.

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The other tribes set the goal to make it rain. Some would dance for minutes but stop with no success. Others would dance for hours until. Vic Johnson, author of the book Dance Until It Rains, begins with the story of a tribe in Africa that confounded all of the anthropologists. It seems.

When I look back at my life I kick myself at opportunities I missed because I didn't learn how to 'dance'. For 6 years I tried hard, played 24 senior games and then found out, after reading in the newspaper one Saturday morning just after the end of the season in , that I had been de-listed! No, I sucked my thumb for a while, got drunk and acted like a victim!

I don't want to depress you with any more of my woeful stories. All I know is that I could have done so much more with the early part of my life, but didn't because I didn't truly understand this most powerful concept. What about you?

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Is it the lack of economic resources? Vic Johnson, author of the book Dance Until It Rains , begins with the story of a tribe in Africa that confounded all of the anthropologists. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Each chapter follows part of Sue's story, ending with lessons we can all take from her experiences and apply to our own lives. Rating details. He spent the next 15 years passionate about helping people with their health and wellbeing.

What is it that you could achieve if you just hang in their and keep going irrespective of how you feel and irrespective of circumstances? What I do want to do is to share a couple of stories that I hope will give you some perspective and impact you as they have me. The first is about a man that you know well.

His name is Colonel Sanders.

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At the age of 65 he was unemployed, broke and alone but with qualities that most people in his position would never consider. He had a recipe for chicken, he had faith, but most of all he had persistence and the courage to dance until it rains. What he did have was an idea and an impenetrable belief. He started approaching chicken fast foods stores. He offered them his recipe and asked only that they pay him a percentage of every piece of chicken that they sold using this recipe.

So off he went. Well, many people laughed in his face. They said, "Look, old man, get out of here.

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What are you wearing that stupid white suit for? Absolutely not!

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Instead of feeling bad about the last restaurant that had rejected his idea, he immediately started focusing on how to tell his story more effectively and get better results from the next restaurant. How many times do you think Colonel Sanders heard no before getting the answer he wanted? He was refused 1, times before he heard his first yes.