Enter at Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices

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The problem with the artist NOT being paid and that art should be free is flawed. Because the assumption is that all great artists are intrinsically motivated. Some are, but just as many are not. Afterall, a man or woman has to eat. Ultimately if all art was free — art would suffer and plummet to such levels or mediocrity as to be dizzying. I think anyone including Coppola that believes so is naive.

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Only problem is that he can afford to be that naive. Personally I agree with him. I work and make films, but I choose this life because there is something about it that I cannot explain that draws me to it — I love it and need it to survive. Mr Copola if you read this i would like to meet with you for the greatest movie of lunch or a dinner would be fine and we can discuss this project reach me at americaparts aol.

My esteem for Mr. Coppola is without question. Surf Movies But his logic regarding commerce and art is seriously flawed. The more good you do, the more battles you will fight. What a wonderful article.

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Mr Coppola has changed my perspective on being a designer. Especially website design. I have to make decisions on how the website will be presented to the viewer. I love the idea of discovering the theme and keeping that theme top of mind. If filmmaking art is free! How they create something new? Like visual effect!

Like new great action and fantasy? We are cutting our tree by pirating movies! We will not be able to see something new if filmmaker get nothing! FFC is a bright and shinning star in a dimly lit world. Except that Coppola said no such thing.

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Also, he never claimed that wine is art. Interesting he did not refer to the senseless slaughter of an innocent ox in Apocalypse Now, clearly for visual effect, watched that film just now and keep thinking what type of person does that?

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Copolla, you certainly do have a Heart Of Darkness! The natives in that movie are not actors and they are preparing their real life dinner. Coppola just filmed it. If you consider these people eating the way they have for aeons to be senseless, than you should be rather a touch grateful that the camera was there to make it more than just a meal. I am proud to have these associations with whom I consider one of the greatest American filmmakers and a true inspiration for my own work. Four creatives share lessons learned during time off and insights for a successful transition back.

Tina Essmaker - September Overwhelmed by the idea of keeping detailed financial records for your business? But developing a good bookkeeping system can help lower your tax bill and prepare you in the event of an audit. Erin Scottberg - September It can be a blessing and a curse. Here are tips for taking advantage of the perks without falling into the pitfalls of freelancing or working remotely. Laura Entis - July The 99U Team - June Two graphic designers with a love for letterpress have breathed new life into a year-old business, now a living museum, small-run press, and an unofficial clubhouse for print and typeface wonks.

Emily Ludolph - June This month, Mitch explains what to do to keep your brain in shape in the gap between the glory of a college library and the holy grail of a professional development budget. Mitch Goldstein - June Over the course of 45 years in the film business, Francis Ford Coppola has refined a singular code of ethics that govern his filmmaking.

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Type your email here. Comments ariens mowers. I like it ariens mowers. Nicki Minaj Sex Tape. Its a ricsk for the Ford to spend that much money. Michelle Hass. And Mr. There was no recording.

Enter at Your Own Risk : Old Masters, New Voices

There were no record royalties. A screenplay has to be like a haiku. It has to be very concise and very clear, minimal. When you go to make it as a film, you have the suggestions of the actors, which are going to be available to you, right? You can make the decision that you feel is best, but listen to everyone, because cinema is collaboration.

When you make a movie, always try to discover what the theme of the movie is in one or two words. Every time I made a film, I always knew what I thought the theme was, the core, in one word. All day long: Do you want it to be long hair or short hair? Do you want a dress or pants? Do you want a beard or no beard? Knowing what the theme is always helps you. Do you want him to look like a blah blah blah.

And there was going to be the first time when all the actors were going to meet. He was the Godfather. So what I did is I arranged for the first meeting as an improvisation.

Enter at Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices… coming this October | Enter At Your Own Risk

They had a dinner improvisation together, and after awhile everyone is relating to Marlon as the father, and Jimmy Caan is trying to impress him with jokes, and Al Pacino is trying to impress him by being intense and quiet, and my sister was so frightened — she was serving the food. And after that dinner they were the characters.

The short story is the natural narrative, linear narrative to become a film. Many, many short stories have become films.

With a novel, what I can recommend is when you first read the novel, put good notes in it the first time, right on the book, write down everything you feel, underline every sensation that you felt was strong. Those first notes are very valuable. Then, when you finish the book, you will see that some pages are filled with underlined notes and some are blank.

The prompt book is what the stage manager has, usually a loose-leaf book with all the lighting cues. I make a prompt book out of the novel. In other words, I break the novel, and I glue the pages in a loose-leaf, usually with the square cutout so I can see both sides. I have that big book with the notes I took, and then I go and I put lots more observations and notes.

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Then I begin to go through that and summarize the part that I thought was useful.